Newmarket Neighbourhood Plan is now out to pre submission consultation.

You can view a copy of the document here:

Newmarket Neighbourhood Plan Document 

The consultation was launched on 25th June 2018 and the consultation period is officially 6 weeks. The Newmarket Neighbourhood Plan consultation will be available for comment  from 9 am on 26th June 2018 to 5pm on 10th August 2018.

The Neighbourhood Plan for Newmarket contains policies aimed at managing change and growth in the town. It is a positive way in which the local community can shape how the town grows so that the character of and quality of life within Newmarket are maintained or even improved.

The Neighbourhood Plan will sit alongside the District Council’s Local Plan. The District Council’s Local Plan will set out the strategic policies for planning for the whole of the District of Forest Heath.

The power to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan and the various rules and criteria are set out in the Localism Act and the National Planning Policy Framework.

Who is responsible for the preparation of the Newmarket Neighbourhood Plan?

Newmarket Town Council set up a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. The Steering Group consists of Town Councillors, residents and business owners with an interest in the future of Newmarket. The Steering Group meets on a monthly basis and reports directly to the Town Council.

Send your views to the NP Working Group


Write: NNPSG Newmarket Town Council,

Memorial Hall

High Street

Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 8JP

When making your comments please identify the objective or policy you are referring to so that we can more easily respond.

A feedback form is available here

Feedback Form for Newmarket Neighbourhood Plan

A hard copy of the document is available on request from Newmarket Town Council.